Life happens. Protect your personal|family|hobby|research|work legacy.

You've developed your website. It's important and it deserves to be seen. Take the steps necessary to protect that legacy (and keep your website online)... forever.

SiteTenders provides worry-free "in perpetuity" hosting. Our programs ensure that your website, work, and memories remain online even after you are gone.

Always Online & Secure

Your website is hosted within our high-availability infrastructure and remains accessible via your domain name. You define when we take over and what we display.

Your Final Wishes.

SiteTenders becomes part of your final wishes. Your payment for our services is protected and never spent. Our services are paid only from the interest on your investment.


SiteTenders Preserves Any Website

Bring over your already-developed site, develop a new site within our platform, or have us develop a site for you... the choice is yours.

Personal Websites

You've developed a website that tells your story. We make sure that others can read that story--and learn about you--forever.

Final Notes

You want to leave a note, pictures, and other information to your family. We make sure that they can always get your message.

Research Repositories

You've amassed a wealth of information about a topic that is important to you. We make sure that that collection stays available.

Creative Portfolios

You've worked hard to develop your talent. Make sure those writings, photos, paintings, sculptures, and musical compositions remain accessible.

Corporate Identities

You've built a business and have worked hard to make sure that your ideas and philosophy are showcased. We make sure no one forgets.

Online Blogs

You've worked to write pages and pages of stories, texts, and thoughts. We ensure that those can be read and accessed in perpetuity.

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