SiteTenders Protects Your Legacy

From personal and company websites, to final notes to loved ones, to research repositories, blogs, and portfolios, SiteTenders ensures your site remains available online... forever. And the process is easy...

Step 1: Prepare the Site

Define Your Site & Domain Name

The first step in protecting your legacy is to define what website you want to protect. We have experience hosting nearly every type and size of site--from extremely personal messages from a parent to their children, to extremely large hobby and research collections, to entire business websites. If you have a site already, you're all set. If not, you can use the SiteLegacy tools to easily create your website--or you can have us design your site for you.

Websites are accessed via a domain name, such as "" The next step is to transfer your domain name to us. This allows us to take control of your site when the time comes. Until then, your existing site will continue to be hosted, updated, and viewed just as it is now. And, if you don't already have a domain name, not a problem. We can help secure one for you.

Step 2: Define the Procedure

Spell Out What We Do... and When

Working with us, you'll first determine how we are paid. We ensure your site is able to be hosted indefinitely by never touching your payment to us. Rather, hosting and site maintenance is paid only from the interest accrued on your payment. This ensures that, no matter what, your payment remains in place and always available for the on-going hosting of your site. If necessary and when possible, we'll even credit your account with cost-of-living increases to ensure that there is always enough money to cover your site's hosting. It's even your choice whether to pay us directly, through your final arrangements with a funeral home, or by including us in your will. Our pricing and process ensures that your payment--and your site--remain even if we should close or be sold.

Next, you'll define the version of the site that we lock and host forever. Should we simply host the most recent version of your existing site, or would you prefer putting together a static version of your site that will become the final edition? Should we add a banner to the site once it goes live? You'll tell us exactly what you want us to do--and can even preview what your site will look like within our infrastructure.

Finally, you'll define the trigger. When does your site go live? Should we wait for a loved one to contact us? Do you want to oversee the process directly? Or, would you prefer that we receive notice from a trusted lawyer, funeral home, or other confidant? Once we receive that trigger, we'll take your site over, move it into our legacy hosting infrastructure, and keep it online forever.

Step 3: Relax... We've Got It

Rest Assured We're Ready... and Here

Once we receive the "trigger" to take control of your site, we'll immediately lock your site and bring it online under our infrastructure. Since we control your domain name, we can ensure that there isn't any interruption to your site's availability.

Since you've already defined exactly what your site should look like, we ensure that your final site is exactly as you envisioned. We even remove contact information (and, depending on your preferences, add a banner about why the site is with us) so that viewers know as much (or as little) about the situation as you want.

But, our work doesn't stop there. Our commitment to you isn't just for perpetual hosting. Instead, we also ensure that your site is updated to work with new technologies, secured via SSL certificates, and never changing--in the sense that the content remains static, available, and as you defined.

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