Pricing & FAQ

"Peace of Mind"... Forever...

Your Site Online Forever.

A Single Payment... A Perpetual Promise.

Your payment to us stays whole and untouched. We use the gains on your payment to pay for the hosting and upkeep of your site. When possible, we even provide cost-of-living additions to your payment to ensure that your site stays online forever. How much is your work and legacy worth?

The Letter


Leave a message, your story, or a letter for your family and friends. Design and construct an online letter yourself or send us your materials and we'll put it online for you. While the messages created through this option are incredibly personal and unique, view a sample video message.

One Webpage

Text, 100 Images, 2 Videos

Included Domain & SSL

Included Backups & Updates

The Legacy


Allow your entire personal website, portfolio, or blog to be found online... forever.

If you've already designed your website, don't lose that work. Ensure that it remains online for all to see (and remember).

One Website

Up to 5GB Disk Space

Included Domain & SSL

Included Backups & Updates

The Vault


Make sure your company's history, your life-long research archive, or your extensive photography collection doesn't go dark. Keep your collection of information, ideas, creative works, or corporate documents online forever.

One Large Website

Up to 20GB Disk Space

Included Domain & SSL

Included Backups & Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my site will be online forever?

We don't spend your payment in order to host your site. Instead, we invest your payment in safe investments and then use the gains from that investment to pay for our services. This means that your initial payment is always there--and can always be used to keep your site online.

What happens if the gains aren't enough to cover the hosting costs?

Over time, income-based investments nearly always go up, so this isn't an issue. Plus, we're backed by an established hosting and design company with more than twenty-five years of experience. In a year where the gains aren't enough, your site remains online without question through that partnership.

At some point, wouldn't you need more money just to pay for cost-of-living increases?

Yes, but this is built into our process. If hosting costs exceed gained income for any given two year period, we automatically use the gain on your payment to increase the amount of your payment. This lets us account for cost-of-living increases and ensures that there is always enough money available.

What happens if SiteTenders goes out of business?

Even then, your site remains online. By having your payment remain untouched, we're able to transfer your entire site and payment to another vendor should the need ever arise to do so. This means that, even if our company closes, another company is able to immediately host--and be paid for hosting--your site.

How can we trust you if you also handle all of the financials?

Because we don't. At the end of each year, our investments, your payments, and the cost of hosting are all audited by an outside firm. That firm is the sole decider as to whether or not cost-of-living increases need to be made and ensures that your payment remains available and untouched. And, depending on your final wishes, that audit report can even be sent to a contact you designate.

How do I get my other questions answered?

In order to ensure that your wishes are met and that your questions are answered, we begin the process with a conversation. When you're ready, fill out our contact request form. We'll then give you a call (or communicate via email if you prefer) to discuss your project. We use that discussion to answer all of your questions and to put together a no-obligation proposal.

Start a discussion with us without any obligation!

Even if you're not ready to commit, find out more about the peace of mind that we can provide.